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BTx for the face

BTx for the face: Improvement of a positive vibrancy

Balance and harmony of the facial features go hand-in-hand with an inner satisfaction and balance. If you are smiling, you can't be simultaneously annoyed - if you frown (no matter the reason) you are never realy relaxed. A discreet application of BTx can affect a positive inner relaxation, which naturally works itself out in your facial features.

A BTx treatment can create a relaxation of the facial muscles
Over-worked facial muscles, such as the eyebrows, can be specifically relaxed through a precise and effective BTx treatment. You won't loose your lively expressive facial features. However, a better balance between tension and relaxation will be achieved.

Smoothing of facial lines
Through a dosed relaxation of the brow muscles, the skin becomes less wrinkled or furrowed. It smoothes itself out.

Prevention of skin wrinkling
Wrinkle buildup can be effectively avoided for people with a tendency toward furrowing.

Improvement of the surface of the skin
For patients who tend more toward an oily-shiny skin, BTx creates a mild regulation of the production of fatty oils (sebum production). The skin becomes smoother and silky.

Balancing negative facial lines
Whether between the brows, the upper lip, or of the corners of the mouth - deepening facial lines often create a haggard or worn look, which often does not at all lead to a balanced inner convidence. With BTx these abnormalities can be regulated.

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„The skin mirrows the soul“

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