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Our practice is part of the CORIUS Group

Our practice has been part of the CORIUS Group since September 2022. This is the largest network of dermatological and phlebological practices and clinics in Germany and Switzerland.

In the course of integration into the network, you will find us in the future under the name: Hautzentrum am Starnberger See. There are no effects or changes for our patients. We will continue to be there for you as usual and offer you the best possible treatment in our practice premises at Kreuzstraße 26 in Starnberg.

Our practice team looks forward to continuing to welcome you professionally and with confidence.

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A treatment with Botulinumtoxin (BTx) is a matter of trust:
Competence and experience are two of the most important criteria for a safe and effective application. These two qualities in a doctor lead to your best possible chance for an effective application. Professor Heckmann colloberated on the trend-setting medical implementation of BTx treatments for the skin. Because of his specific knowledge in this field and his 12 years of experience with practical application, Professor Heckmann is an internationally requested expert in the area of BTx and skin.


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Medical knowledge on tissue buildup

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Research proves what works and what doesn't

International Lectures

International Lectures

Florianopolis, Brazil: 27.-31. Juni 2007: Brazilian Society of Dermatologic Surgery: "Melanoma: New techniques in skin cancer therapy" (Invited speaker: Prof. M. Heckmann)

Paris, France: 15.-16. Sept. 2007: M.A.S.T.E.R. Congress on Lipolysis: Botox and Lipolysis. (Invited speaker: Prof. M. Heckmann)

Moscow, Russia: 18.-20. Feb. 2007: VI. Inter-national Aesthetic Medicine Symposium: "Botulinum toxine in aesthetic medicine" (Invited speaker: Prof. M. Heckmann)

Buenos Aires, Argentina: 1.-5. Okt. 2007: World Congress of Dermatology: "Hyperhidrosis management ; Botox therapy in dermatology" (Co-Chairman: Prof. M. Heckmann)

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